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Which CPU, GPU, and Monitor should I get for both gaming and video editing?

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I plan to replace my PC after I finish graduate school either this spring or early summer dependent on the recommended components that are suggested. I am both a gamer and drone pilot and my next PC will be both for gaming and drone video editing so the usage will likely be 50% gaming and 50% video editing. For gaming, I like to play a variety of games. I like playing older titles like Transformers, Mass Effect and Crysis Trilogies, and even games from the 1980s and 1990s like the Kings Quest series and Loom from sites like GOG and Steam. I would also like the PC to play modern games like MMO and FPS in both current and future releases for the next few years. For video editing, I plan to edit drone videos by mainly rearranging and combining parts of videos for clients and adding basic titles, graphics, and music. I am not planning any Hollywood studio level video editing, but my drone is capable of shooting video in 4K so I would like my PC to handle 4K video editing. My questions are as followed:

  1. CPU: I have heard Intel is better for gaming while AMD is better for video editing. Since my gaming and video editing will likely be split in half, am I better off with Intel or AMD? If AMD is recommended, should I wait until they release their new Ryzen CPU this summer?
  2. GPU: I am willing to go with an Nvidia RTX 2080/2080 Ti if that will better suite my needs. I understand that both Nvidia RXT and Radeon VII are somewhat struggling with 4K gaming resolution so my intention is to game at either 1080p or 1440p (which ever resolution it is that falls between 1080p and 4K) but if there is a card capable of gaming well at 4K, I will look into that as well. I would like the GPU to also be able to handle running two monitors if I decide to do a dual monitor setup. Would I be better off with Nvidia or Radeon?
  3. Monitor: My intention is to get a 4K monitor or possibly two of them. You can correct me if I am wrong, but I assume they are capable of displaying lower resolutions like 1080p and 1440p? Could you please recommend a reliable 4K Nvidia G-Sync monitor and a reliable 4K Freesync monitor that works with both Radeon and Nvidia? I would also like the monitor(s) to have HDR capability and work well with both games and video editing.
  4. PCIE 4.0: I am hearing rumors that PCIE 4.0 may be released later this year. My desire after 18 months or two years after selecting or building the PC is to upgrade the GPU in order to extend the life of the PC. If the motherboard I get uses PCIE 3.0 and the next graphics card uses the PCIE 4.0 standard, would I run into a bottleneck issue  or would it be several years before Nvidia and AMD adopt a PCIE 4.0 connector to their GPU cards?
  5. If I went for the top end intel i7 or i9 CPU along with an RTX 2080 Ti, would I run into a bottleneck issue if I upgraded to the 2080 Ti's successor (like RTX 3080 Ti?) in 18 months to two years?  This question also applies to AMD and Radeon's equivalent CPU and GPUs.

Thanks in advance.

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Mainstream CPU's


Best for Gaming & Editing I9 9900K


Value Gaming & Editing R7 2700x or R7 2700




Only wait if you can afford to wait


For Ryzen 3000 even then we dont no real world performance so again maybe wait and see but only if you can afford to wait

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