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need help with overclocking

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Posted · Original PosterOP

PC Specs:

Windows 10 pro

Asus Delux 



16Gb DDR4 2400Mhz Samsung

650Watt Powersupply from Corsair

Corsair h45 AIO Watercooling

Intel NVMe SSD 256Gb

3 Toshiba 1TB HDD´s


(I´m sorry for my bad grammatical english skills and if possible write your replys so that an idiot like me can under stand it ^^)

So I wanted to overclock my CPU so I got into the bios and setted the core to sync and setted them to 45 after that i went to the CPU-Voltage and putted it up to 1.3V and saved it after that i got into windows (without any problems) and startet prime95, coretemp, cpu-z and taskmanager. Also all (physical)switches and  on the board are set to default.

Well nothing crashed and everything went fine untill I noticed that my clock-speed is only 3.61Ghz i tried to search for it in the internet and asked a friend of mine but nobody could help, so im hoping you guys can help me  out.





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