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why is LTT attacking Carey Holzman?

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They're not. Content ID is being its usual pile of shit. There's been two other people I know who've been hit for using the Valley benchmark or something like that.

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On 2/26/2019 at 2:37 AM, campy said:

when my girlfriend comes over and sees my dining room and kitchen counters covered in pc parts from pre 2006 she immediately takes off her clothes

nothing sexual, she just doesnt want the nerd dust on her clothes 

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I guess linus is gonna do a video about this, i've seen 20 posts about this just today 


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3 minutes ago, Mirarora said:


Please go back to Carey, who clearly hasn't explained Youtube's content ID system to you and ask him to. It's automated. You're being about as ignorant as Carey is by posting this thread. 


Think about this from a logic standpoint. I know it'll be hard as a Carey Holzman fan, but try. Linus has nothing to gain by "attacking" Carey Holzman. If you asked Linus what he thought of him, the answer what likely be "I don't". Carey is zero competition or threat to Linus whatsoever. Why would Linus waste his time? 


On the other hand, who has everything to gain by making accusations like this? Carey, and only Carey.

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1 minute ago, James82 said:

Look at his little sad face....😆😆

I genuinely think he knows what's happening and is going for the publicity 

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To be updated... when I get time

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2 minutes ago, Emanbaird said:

I guess linus is gonna do a video about this, i've seen 20 posts about this just today 


I'm sure someone at LMG is on the case right now working with Carey to sort it out. 

le luci del giorno viventi


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The time Linus replied to me on one of my threads: 


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