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Picture quality-color accurate display help

Better monitor overall according to my usage as described   

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  1. 1. Better monitor overall according to my usage as described

    • BenQ PD2710QC
    • Dell S2719DC

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Hi all. I am no pro. Half of my PC usage is on Office/browsing, the rest divides between movies (with HDR where applicable) and casual PS4 Pro and PC adventure/RPG/action RPG/platform gaming with HDR where applicable too. 1440p IPS panel is a must and I have no use or need for a 4K or high refresh rate monitor, 75Hz overclocking in worst case scenario if needed. I have tested 144Hz monitors and saw no difference with the games I play so...


My aim is better build quality, better panel and overall picture quality and color reproduction. I play my games with maxed out graphics and 1440p 60/75Hz is more than enough for me as stated above. BenQ is pre-calibrated and Technicolor approved, Dell on the other hand is one of the 11 monitors that has the -not shitty 400 or 500- HDR600 certification and wider color gamut (please let's not start the true or fake HDR argument, we are talking about 500€ monitors here and HDR600 is considered somehow respectable HDR entry level).  Both have received very good to excellent reviews and their pricing and warranty are similar in my region. BenQ has better ergonomics and port selection but it's not something I care about, better final picture quality is what I am after.








Futhermore, if smn has worked with any of these two monitors, please share your experience.


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