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Getting back into PC Gaming

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I built gaming rigs back in the early 2000's then for a reason that I cannot remember I stopped gaming on the PC. I am looking to get back into building my own rig and after research I think that I may have a build that will work. Is there anything that I am missing or suggested changes for the build? TIA



*Edit shopping list accidentally linked the wrong and insanely more expensive build...

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That's a pretty beast pc, it depends on if you think you'll need the latest hardware, it is expensive after all. but otherwise it looks pretty good

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks Crunken, I noticed that I linked my dream build and not the actual build (replaced the 9900k with the 8700k and the 2080 TI for the 2080)... As much as the original build would be awesome I couldn't justify $1,000 for the CPU and GPU upgrades.

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