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Does NZXT Kraken perform much better than HR-02 Macho Rev. B ?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have a HR-02 Macho Rev. B.


It's a great cooler. With my previous I5 2500 I rarely hit more than 50-55C at 800RPM.

I have upgraded CPU to 9700K (non OC).


When I play some heavy games (eg : Crysis 3 in extreme) it reach 75C easily (fan goes up to 1000RPM and thus becomes noisy).

I was wondering if upgrading cooler to a NZXT Kraken would improve a lot temperature ? (and thus noise) 


I am thinking about X62 or X72.


I cannot find any review comparing the two (since Macho is pretty old now)




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24 minutes ago, hello_there_123 said:

Tweaktown tested its Macho Rev.B to be 36db under max rpm (1360), so idk why yours is that loud. 

Components degrade over time, bearings grease dries up and the fan rattles or makes screeching sounds, it's normal, a bit of WD40 might fix it


Back to the topic, OP I think a NZXT cooler would lower temps, it might lower the package temp by 5-7 degrees C which would be mediocre. Cleaning your current Macho heatsink and maybe replacing its fan will help

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