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Having issues migrating WIN10 to SSD

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys, first time poster here, apologies if this is the wrong section.


So I bought a new PC almost 6 months ago, and installed windows to the HDD I intended to use as a game library because the SSD I bought hadn't arrived yet. When the SSD did arrive, I reinstalled Windows 10 to it, but began experiencing severe stability issues almost immediately, including random BSODs rendering my machine essentially useless. The BSOD would give me a different error message every time, the most common being Memory Management. This led me to assume a hardware error, but upon reverting to the old install on the original HDD, the problem vanished. No instability, no BSODs. After a few months I picked up a WD M.2 drive, thinking maybe the Adata drive I originally used was faulty or something, but immediately started having the same issues. I tried taking my rig to a local repair shop who tweaked a few things in BIOS but that still didn't help. I'm trying again now and already, not two hours after putting a fresh install of Windows on the formatted M.2 drive the problems are appearing again. Could this problem possibly be related to Windows detecting the old install files on the HDD and glitching out?

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33 minutes ago, faultandfracture said:

I'll give that a shot after backing up my Steam library, thanks

I suggest unplugging your hdd during installation of your desired operating system. 

Also suggest disabling the option to boot from the hdd in your bios. 

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