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Is Star Citizen a giant scam?

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Let's put it this way. There exist only three games that I feel I have gotten my money's worth from. Games that I have played past whatever single-player they may or may not have had and then moved on to play the multiplayer on a daily basis for years on end. However incomplete it may be, SC is one of those games. 


Also, as Spoon pointed out above, I have gained real actual friends in this community. Not the "hey how about a raid on Saturday" online kind of friends, but the "Hey, I'd like to invite you to my wedding" kind. 


So there's that. :)

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On 2/17/2019 at 6:00 PM, Radium_Angel said:

Not naysaying the game, I could not care less about it, not into star sims, I"m pointing out that's a lot of dosh (and it goes way up from there) for a game that's in alpha. You're paying for the privilege of finding bugs....they should be paying you, not the other way around.

I pre-order games regularly; Some I wait longer than others, but that's pre-ordering for you.

Pre-ordering Star Citizen grants me the privilege to play the pre-alpha builds, I don't have to, but its nice to see the game getting fleshed out before my eyes. When the game (separated into two but no increase in price), is completed The price will increase slightly so I as an additional reward for pre-ordering get a small discount.


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