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$45 Keyboard?

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So I had a little bit of money laying around and I was always looking at a RGB keyboard instead of just a white led one. Don't get my wrong I love my G413 but I just feel like after almost two years of owning it I am getting tired of it. I wanted a Cherry MX Blue keyboard with a RGB and 87 keys. Also with a budget of $100 or less. I watched a video by RandomFrankP and he had this keyboard, brand new video. It was keyboards for under $50. I fell in love with it. I loved the fact how you can take the keys out and put different switches in. tho you can only switch out with other Outemu switches. It was a very good price at $45 and I just had to buy it. I did more research and found out they have a software? RGB software for a $45 keyboard?? No way.. They also have over 20 different RGB choices on it too. I got the Outemu Blue Switches which I like since the are noisy. I will be using my G413 for my streaming PC if I like the Phantom. I will make another post when I get it on Monday. Also with some extra money I plan on buying these keycaps.




Main PC


i3-8100 @3.6GHz | GTX 1060 6GB | EVGA 450 BT | Island Professional 120GB SSD | | Toshiba 2TB HDD | Corsair Vengeance 2x4 2666 DDR4  | Corsair 270R | Windows 10 Pro | CPU Cinebench Score - 444 cb | OpenGL FPS - 84.85 FPS | Novabench Score (OC) - 1770 Base - 1678


Keyboard and Mouse


Tecware Phantom 87 Key RGB Outemu Blue | Logitech G203 White


Streaming PC (HP Compaq 8100 SFF)


i5-750 @2.66GHz | Radeon HD 6450 | HP Compaq 240watt PSU | Toshiba 1TB HDD | Samsung 1x4 DDR3 1333MHz | HP Compaq 8100 SFF | Windows 10 Pro | CPU Cinebench Score - 320 cb | OpenGL FPS - 16.65 FPS | Novabench Score (OC) - 713 Base - 703


Keyboard and Mouse


Logitech G413 Silver White LED Romer-G Switch | Old Gateway Mouse




AOC - 21.5" IPS LED FHD Model - l2279VWHE | AOC - 24" TN Panel FHD 144hz 1ms Response - Model G2460PF


Other Electrical Devices


IPhone XS 64GB Gold | Elgato HD60 Capture Card | Xbox One 500GB | Samsung 32' 1080p Smart TVApple Airpods |


More About Me


Hi my name is Jacob. I have a interest in computers. Right now I am a High School Freshman! I am enrolled in Cisco IT Essentials and I plan on following my career as something in IT.

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