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Making my 1980's Garage Door Smart!

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You can make something like this for a fraction of the cost with a NodeMCU, relay board, and reed switches


I made one for two garage doors for around $15 total if I remember right (it's been a while)

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This project can be done with just a Sonoff Basic or a Sonoff SV ($5ish) plus a reed switch ($2ish). 


Here's the end result using a Sonoff Basic + reed switch + Home Assistant: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pnnfsCWr9MmG7PaU8


It can be done without Home Assistant but most people doing this kind of project probably want to use something like Home Assistant to do much more with their stuff. I have it setup to notify my phone if I've left the garage door open for a few hours without closing it, or when it hits 10pm and it's still open. It also shows a message on my TV when it's being opened or closed so that there aren't any surprises when someone comes into the house via the garage entrance. And it can be controlled using Google Home (via Home Assistant cloud) as well.


There's an Instructable on how to modify the Sonoff Basic to work with a garage door opener. It assumes you'll use OpenHAB software and EasyESP firmware, though. There's also a YouTube video by DrZzz (I think?) that outlines the entire process using a Sonoff SV and Home Assistant software with Sonoff Tasmota firmware (both which I prefer). I might make a guide of my own since I wasn't happy with either of those resources as there are some simplifications that can be made and some considerations they didn't take into account.

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