Last updated: 08-03-2019   note: the builds are made on their specific country, so don't try to just convert it to your own, they are "reference" for a reason. even with the Germany builds in other parts of Europe   In this guide we'll discuss updated builds at common pricepoints in common locations. parts have been picked according to pricing and focus sets of the target build. we dont care about company loyalty, and are here to offer the best experience for the money.   builds are gaming oriented, except if noted differently   Credit to: @seoz @WoodenMarker @Crunchy Dragon @AluminiumTech @jonnyGURU @1kv  @TVwazhere @GoldenLag @deXxterlab97  @mxk. @fasauceome @LienusLateTips @Stefan Payne   Examples/samples Picture as banner CPU cooling Motherboard Case list PSU tier list: graphics cards tier list do you still need help? already done your buld and you want to show it off?