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Best wired and wireless noise cancelling headset for work

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I work as a Tech Support Engineer. I have to take calls from customers as part of my day job. We have a Cisco IP phones at work which has Bluetooth.

1. I want to pair the headset with the Cisco IP phone and take calls. 

2. I watch a lot of tutorials on my work computer. The work computer has a headphones jack and a headset jack.

We cannot plug any USB device to the PC. So, I would like to connect the same headset with the 3.5 mm jack to the computer and watch videos.

I have never owned a bluetooth headset. So, is it possible to quickly switch to bluetooth and answer calls while watching videos on the work computer?


Also, the people who sit close to me are very loud people. So, the headset should have the best noise cancellation so I can have them on all the time as I work.


So the headset should have three features.

1. Noise Cancellation to work peacefully
2. Bluetooth to connect to Cisco IP phone

3. Wired 3.5 mm jack connectivity to connect to work computer


I didn't not have any luck finding that have both feature 2 and 3 available. Feature 1 is also very important. Please share your insights and help me find the best headset. This will help my productivity at work.



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