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Do I wait?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Im currently running  
r3 1200 @ 3500
msi b350m pro vhd
2x 4 gb gskils ripjaws  V @ 2966
Rx 580 8gb
500gb   860 Evo
250Gb  Sdd
1tb Hdd

 im trying to achieve  144 fps  at low at games like  Apex legend (  I havnt  tested  the game on my rig so far)


I want to build   a  2nd pc for  wife  and kids with the spare parts  Ill be  left with when I upgrade my  Current ( see above)  rig

What I have Laying around  is an xtra gpu (  650 ti boost 2gb which would be enough for them since   wife only watch  streams  and my kids  are 4&5)

Im probably also recycling the  r3 1200 / mobo /  ram /case /ssd /case

So I would  My tought is  going  r5 2600 / random  mobo / 16gb ram / rx 580gb /new psu/case

Worth it to  pursue  right now?  or wait for something new?

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wait for next gen cpu from amd (probably in the next few months. 

wait for new gpu from nvidia (rumoured late feb/early march for 1660ti)

ssd prices are falling fast right now (wait another 1 or 2 months)


overall, if you can, wait for atleast another 2 or 3 months. 

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