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Nvidia DLSS only works on some resolutions

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Can someone compare聽DLSS to FXAA/SMAA?聽馃

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It just works!!!*

* - May require specific conditions for best results. NVIDIA cannot guarantee claimed performance outside of validated parameters.聽

Please tag me if you need assistance or if you want me to contribute to a topic聽


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4 minutes ago, D13H4RD said:

* - May require specific conditions for best results. NVIDIA cannot guarantee claimed performance outside of validated parameters.聽

inb4 DLSS compatible and unsupported games, LOL

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Oh man, if AMD wouldn't f#ck up so badly right now they could easily be king. Nvidia done goofed m8.聽

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MONTHS Old Hardware now....Transparency of None.

iE - Nvidia obviously won't mention anything that hurts them,... but seriously,.. people do like options do tweak further,..presets exist for those that don't.

Not full total control over some of the basic aspects of the technology....

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And i was so excited to buy聽the RTX 2060/2070 because of DLSS... Well i'm still going to buy one, since its the cheapest option but as a 2560x1080 monitor owner this is very disappointing...

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OS: Windows 7 Professional聽64 bit

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Nvidia trying to save face after the dismal聽release of the over priced rtx series.

Quite frankly I don't believe anything a corporation has to say when they make statements such as "the more gpu's you buy, the more money you save"

What does windows 10 and ET have in common?

They are both constantly trying to phone home.

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Posted Original PosterOP
9 hours ago, VegetableStu said:

LOL YEAH seriously tho would DLSS not work? o_o i get the feeling (if it's the case) they're having troubles generalising the AI upscaler for any kind of resolution

It seems Nvidia is purposely restricting which resolution DLSS can be enabled. RTX 2070 can have DLSS at 1080p, 1440p, and 4K, but RTX 2080/Ti can only have it at 1440P and 4K, but not 1080P and yet both cards are similar to one another. I doubt the extra CUDA cores, Tensor Cores is the reason why 2080/Ti can't have DLSS at 1080P.聽 IMO It might be a possibility Nvidia thought of this from a financial point of view or something?

RTX2080/Ti owners already spent over $1K just on the cards alone, then they must have deep pockets for high resolutions monitors. Enable DLSS only on high resolution monitor

RTX 2070 owners, trying to save a few hundred bucks, will most likely still have a 1080P monitor and might upgrade to a better one in the future. Enable DLSS on 1080P, 1440, and 4K

RTX 2060 owners, budget buyers, definitely have a 1080P monitor, might get a 1440P later on. No way they're going for a 4K, 4K is a stretch. Enable DLSS only on 1080P and 4K. Still enable 4K just in case, but there is a low chance these owners will get a 4K monitor.

9 hours ago, leadeater said:

Guess I'm screwed forever with my 16:10 2560x1600.

I'm just as screwed as you are with my 16:10 1920x1200 xD

3 hours ago, Strike105X said:

And i was so excited to buy聽the RTX 2060/2070 because of DLSS... Well i'm still going to buy one, since its the cheapest option but as a 2560x1080 monitor owner this is very disappointing...

Not sure if DLSS detects based on your monitor's native resolution or just the game itself. The only way is to play games at 1920x1080, but that will just cause 2 thick black borders on each side or the image to look like crap, when it fills the entire screen. Yeah either way it is very disappointing.

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On 2/15/2019 at 8:22 PM, Princess Cadence said:

I can confirm, DLSS is completely broken at 21:9 ultrawide resolutions xd.

Useless, you pay a premium for a technology you can only use under their conditions lel.

What card and resolution did you test with ?

Just tested with a RTX 2080 at聽3440 x 1440 resolution聽and got it to work.

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