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Will pure rock slim cpu cooler fit ????

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello! I’m new here and was wondering if anyone can help me.

so just yesterday my cpu fan started making a wired noise I took a look at it and cleaned it and it still makes the noise. So I decided to buy a new cpu cooler and I came across pure rock slim and was wondering if it will work with my pc? I don’t know whole a lot about computers so I took some images of my motherboard/cpu





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If the Slim Rock has an FM2 (the socket for your motherboard) kit that lets it fit on your motherboard, it'll probably fit.

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What case are you using? Can you measure how much clearance there is between the cpu and side panel?


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The Pure Rock Slim is FM2+ compatible and it certainly looks like you have enough room for it. While you're upgrading, consider doing future you a favor and making that AcBel PSU go away.

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Did you find out if old cooler fan even was the reason for noise?

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