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(UPDATED - Claim has been removed) The Linux Gamer's response video to LTT got claimed by Fullscreen

1 hour ago, Spotty said:

You seem to be misinformed. There's a HUGE difference between a copyright claim and a takedown notice resulting in a copyright strike.

Copyright claims, which is what has happened here to The Linux Gamer are often an automatic process where Content ID detects that a portion of your copyrighted content has appeared in another video on Youtube, and will issue a copyright claim on the video. The video remains public and viewable by the viewers, however any ad revenue generated by the video may be redirected to the original copyright holder. There's no punishment for the channel when a copyright claim is made against them, they will just lose the revenue for the video.

Copyright strikes or takedown notices, which is what The Verge did, are when they manually issue a legal notice that a video is infringing on their copyright and that they demand the video be removed from the platform. The channel will then receive a copyright strike against their channel which comes with punishments for the channel, such as losing their ability to live stream or perhaps no longer being 'recommended' or promoted in the search results or feed which can severely hurt the channels traffic and views. If they are issued with multiple copyright strikes, their channel can be removed completely.



This is an excellent explanation of how these things work. 


I'd like to add that as long as the creator who gets the automated claim disputes it in a timely manner, there is no lost revenue during the period while it was "claimed". 


I've been down at IBM Think for the last couple of days and this thread is the first I'm hearing of this issue.. Aaaand it's already resolved. 


So, as far as I can tell, everything is working as it should...ish


We have noticed a significant uptick in copyright claims in the last couple of weeks, though, with some of them being in really really old content which suggests youtube has made some kind of change to ContentID and we've been trying to figure out how to address it.


We are generally pretty supportive of the creation of derivative works by our community and we want to make sure that they aren't being algorithmically claimed, but this change has caused other issues for us too. I woke up the other morning to a handful of claims made against Tech Quickie by LTT... Can't have that. 


I'm sure this will be resolved, but it's probably going to take some time for youtube to get their crap in order, as usual. 

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This is a thing that i know all to well but having a copyright claim is not to bad 

take downs punch you in the gut as wat happened to me 

being good at some of the games i play i was head hunted by the top clans in a few games 

one of the clans had a similar name to a pop group so every time i streamed or posted game play videos the were taken down almost costing me my channel 

(which is only there for friends to get an idea on how i pull of wins )

on other streaming formats that are not you tube they will mute your sound if there is copy rite content  so my thing is for new you tubers is check your content before you post even the wording in your tittle  can get a take down 😡


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33 minutes ago, Chainer said:

That's actually a really good summary of the situation. He's done a very good job of explaining the situation without being unnecessarily critical of anyone involved. For anyone who wants to know what all the drama is about and doesn't want to read or watch through a bunch of crap, I highly recommend watching that video.

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