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Thinking about getting the logitech g602

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Hi I've been looking at new gaming mouses to replace my failing g403 mouse...I know that the g602 gaming mice has multiple macro buttons that I like, good sensor like always, and is wireless. But I have a question about the size of the mouse. Is it bigger or smaller than the g403, logitech g pro (non-wireless), and the roccat kone pure military? (all 3 mices I have owned or tried in the past) 


If it is bigger than those mouses, can anyone recommend me a gaming mouse that has those good features of g602 gaming mouse but smaller? (budget is under 50) 

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Bigger, but not by too much. Here's some guy on the internet's picture of the two next to each other.







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It is bigger, what I would say is the G305 if you can do without the Macros.

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G602 is kinda outdated and for 50 sadly no...unless if you want to spend on one of those chinese gaming mouse.

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The G502 Hero is pretty nice, smaller than the G602, plenty of buttons and its lightweight with the option to add weights. I find it too narrow for the way I hold my mice, but other than that I liked the button layout and wish it were as big as the G602, which I also have. It isn't wireless but I'd still recommend you give it a look.

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