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Dell S2716DG Revision A09: Bad Viewing Angle - Yellow Tint?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I had the A04 version of the Dell S2716DG monitor which I purchased years ago and it suffered severe color banding issues. I talked to Dell Support recently and they offered to send me a refurbished one as a replacement. My new monitor came in today and it looks brand new surprisingly, and the revision is A09 (August 2018) as well.


I heard newer revisions drastically reduced color banding and upon testing it out, I noticed that color banding was in fact greatly reduced. The only problem I am seeing now is the viewing angle with the A09. 


For example, when I lower myself down even a centimeter and look upwards towards the monitor, I can see that the color on a white background (e.g. Google opened on a browser) changes to a slightly yellowish tint. When I tilt my head back up, the colors return back to a normal white.


I still have my A04 with me that I must send back in place of my A09, but I tested it this on my A04 and it did not suffer from the viewing angle issue I am having with my A09 at all. No matter how much I lower myself downwards, the colors remain almost the same on my old A04 revision and there is no yellowish tint. Does anyone else experience this issue with the A09 revision? Is it possible I may have a bad monitor, or is this normal with A09 revisions? I'm only cautious because my A04 did not suffer from this at all, just severe color banding.


Here is a video of the issue on the A09 revision: https://imgur.com/a/VaBxuah


More videos:
Comparison on A04 revision: https://imgur.com/a/aSS3mgQ  (Yellow tint hardly noticeable when I'm tilting down)
Comparison on A09 revision: https://imgur.com/a/GLLumy6  (Yellow tint very noticeable when I'm tilting down)


As you can see, it is pretty bad since even the slightest tilt downwards causes this yellow tint on the A09 revision.


Should I ask for another replacement?

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Hi @Omie,

I can't speak to the A09 and yellow tint issue, but I have an A04 and I recently found a workaround that deals with the color banding issue. It turns out that when Nvidia's driver is set to "Full Range" RGB it disables dithering. When set to limited range it enables dithering, which you've probably played with and noticed that black banding improves a lot. Thankfully, you can insert the registry key to enable dithering manually while in full range mode!

Visit this post for instructions: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1033032-dell-s2417dgs2716dg-banding-fix-sort-ofenabling-dithering/?tab=comments#comment-12294486


Give it a shot and see if you like it, for best results, dithering + and ICC profile are your best bet.  I'm not sure how much variance there is display to display, but since we both have A04 Revisions I'd be glad to share mine, I calibrated mine with an X-Rite colorimeter.

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