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Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NAND M.2 SSD isn't detected.

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I recently bought a Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NAND M.2 SDD and it isn't detected by windows, linux, or the bios. In the bios under sata ports there is a M.2 drive; it says it is not detected, yet when I go to create a new raid volume it shows there yet is not accesable (I am not wanting to create a new raid volume with it; I just was exploring the bios to see if it was detected anywhere). I am using the NZXT N7 motherboard.

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Try plugging all of the drives that you have into different SATA ports. The M.2 port sounds like it might be disabled because the SATA ports are using up the bandwidth of the M.2 slot.


I'm taking a guess off of the fact that m.2 slots being used will disable SATA ports so I could be wrong because the principal may not work backwards. Try it just in case.

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