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Need Help with a work Related Problem... Maybe Macros

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Good Evening, 


I am switching jobs, and work in pediatric medicine. The office I will be working in is fairly busy, and, due to the nature of the business, much of my documentation is fairly boilerplate, and is commonly repetitive, when comparing multiple charts. My old charting system had well embedded and easily customizable macro blocks of text, which made my life so much easier. This new charting system does not have the ability to create custom macros, nor templates, which could effectively achieve the same goal. As such, I was hoping that someone would have an idea as to how I can work this out. I am not adverse to creating a completely separate keyboard, strictly for each block of text, but may need some help setting it up. If it is easier, I am even up for using macro key strokes, with associated blocks of texts, that can be pasted. 


Thank you very much!!! 


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If you have just boilerplate things you need typed out super quickly I use Phrase Express. There's a free version, and I use it to write out common replies to helpdesk messages.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
3 minutes ago, Billy Pilgrim said:

Where you work is there an IT department. You might want to talk to them first.

I have, unfortunately, and there was really nothing gained. They were advocating just retyping the same info dozens of times per day which is, quite literally, the biggest waste of time. 

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In this video, Taran goes through setting up hotkeys through AutoHotKey.

AutoHotkey is great but it may take a bit to set up the first time. I strongly recommend using it.

On Taran's personal channel, he often goes into detail regarding his macros.


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3 hours ago, Billy Pilgrim said:

Where you work is there an IT department. You might want to talk to them first.

IT techs unfortunately have much better and more important things to do than try to appease someone who wants a macro dedicated keyboard. I probably have about 25+ tickets assigned to me.   

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13 hours ago, Arika S said:

create a notepad document and have the blocks of text saved on that and then just copy/paste as needed.

that's pretty much what Phrase Express does but better. You can make it trigger when it read a word or simple phrase you type and it automatically replace it all with whatever you want. So he can type "note17" and press enter and it can literally delete that word and write instead 10 paragraphs of text, then move the mouse to the top left file menu, click, go down to save, close the document. pretty limitless.

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