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How do I make 480p look good on 4K TV

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I have a TCL 4K TV from Amazon, trying to watch Star Trek: DS9 on netflix, and the resolution looks horrible, it's really blurry and I can't make out facial expressions even sometimes. Star Trek: TNG, which came before almost a decade before DS9, looks pretty good despite the 4:3 aspect ratio, although it can look super processed at times (imagine beauty mode on your phone was turned on all the time), it was still really good for a show made 25 years ago. Is there a setting or something I can change to make DS9 look at least as good especially since it came out later?

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I'm not sure but the TNG on netflix might be the remaster with the default resolution of something like 1440x1080.

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thats weird im currently watching ds9 and yea it doesnt look the best, its not that bad on my samsung 4k..if you want to see bad watch a movie or show from the early 80s or 70s thats not remastered lol...now that looks bad

but maybe try lowering the sharpness..the higher sharpness of 4k tvs can really make older shows look blocky

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Try switching through the display modes. That being said, nothing is going to make it look great. Even when the ratio stays the same, upscaling/downscaling leads to an inferior picture quality because interpolation isn't perfect.

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