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Age is a state of mind.....  ;)

It's all in the attitude.

I'm 46 (but no grey hair and I keep all of it xD , strong and healthy, as I don't drink neither smoke, and was quite into sports), and am quite decent in Planetside 2. Meaning, not and ace, but not easy to frag me, and I have even needed to uninstall it 3 times, as I'm not of the kind that sits one hour and cuts it. And one needs the time for the freelancing, lol. So, been a very long while ( 1 year, I believe) since last match.  Altho using a MSI Afterburner utility or the like to see the time in overlay, or having ye good old clock in the table helps a lot. It's doable, have done it, but lately even that hour is better used in something else.


I was tier 4 (back then there where only 4 tiers. Dunno later) in Quake Live (before it was closed to get moved to steam, I never clicked with Steam...) , back then I spent my good 2- 3 hours daily, with often sessions of 5 - 7 hours  !! And got a nice skill, was well approaching my forties, if I remember well.


Look, I am a 3D modeler, pixel artist, digital painter, animator and web coder. Seems is not like age is affecting any of that... If anything, take care of your eyesight, that's a great advice.... And games are a second nature to me, while in my childhood THERE WERE NO computers... Was only in my 15s, that I got an Spectrum, I believe, and coded a game with it. Before that, it was the green and orange pre PC machines, the XTs, and also the arcade machines in the pubs. Meaning, I've played invaders there, and later international karate, Street Fighter, etc, lol. It was an addiction already, as with with just one coin u could stay A LONG time, with skill. Indeed, because of that, skill was super key, we had to have it to play, while in the consoles time,which was quite later on, was not super essential, games where more casual, and your "coin" was not an issue. So... that plus we are the generation of the "Quake-cons", the LAN parties+modding events, and got into the MORPGs once already having a job and money (most), it clicked as a novelty with us, as well.  


I do not recommend gaming tho, to anyone, if is something you can't control to get below one hour (well, neither social media) or so per day. Is too much of your life you could be doing past that time. 1 hour is fine, as is good for training reflexes (heck, did I get those with Quake, Unreal, etc) and some other abilities, plus is an adrenaline drop, but more than that... dunno, my personal take. I'd prefer to vote for board games. Not because I'm involved in making art for those (which I am), but because I've learned through it that those are way more social : Is not u and your screen, you get to talk and interact with other people "in person", instead of joe517 and wolverine81. There's a huge difference. Even if it were only so that makes u move your butt from the chair. And I mean both board and card games. Of course, nothing is excluding the other : You can do all with good organization....


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