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Switching between GPUs for different tasks?

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So this weird though came to me as I was watching Linus's review of the Radeon VII, which seemed to be better at productivity than gaming. Would it be possible to have 2 GPUs (one for gaming, one for productivity) and switch between them as your needs change? For example say you got an RTX 2018TI and a Radeon VII. You use the 2080TI and play your favorite AAA games. Then you switch over to the Radeon and animate a Blender project (not necessarily those two GPUs. The point is one's better for gaming, the other productivity)


Would it be as simple as having a different monitor connected to each GPU? Or would you have to do something more along the lines of the "Multi gamer, 1 CPU" series?


I'm not planning on doing anything like this with my own build, this is just a random thought I had and wondered if it was possible. Love to see LTT do something like this though.

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I know macOS has this functionality supported. It will "turn off" whichever GPU doesn't have a display plugged in to it.


I've never tried it windows, but maybe? Probably?

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