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Confused about vpn’s

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I recently purchased 3 years of Nord VPN. Now I’m a little confused about what devices need it installed on. I use my phone as my primary hotspot as I am a coast to coast truck driver. Now should the phone be the only one with the vpn installed or should all the devices connecting to it also have the vpn installed as well? 

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If you have the VPN active on your phone, all outgoing traffic from your phone will be routed through the VPN server. And since every device connected to your phones hotspot rout their traffic through your phone, that traffic is also automatically routed through the VPN server.


So no, you don't need it active on any of your other devices connected to the hotspot

75% of what I say is sarcastic


So is the rest probably

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You shouldn't need to connect to the VPN on both devices. But it wouldn't hurt to contact Nord VPN support and ask them the same question. 

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