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4K TV working with freesync (ideally via display port?)

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I am in the market to repalce my 10year old plasma TV and finally move to a 4K display. I am currently hesitating between LG OLED C8 or newer C9 and Samsung Q9F. I will use the TV for movies and series mostly as well as gaming while connected to my PC. I have an Intel Core i5-8400 and a GTX970 but would probably be looking at upgrading to a GTX1080 or 1080Ti to be able to play in 4K (e.g. Project cars 2). Here is the catch; The Samsung has VRR and the coming LG C9 should as well over HDMI 2.1. However I read that NVIDIA GPUs only support freesync over display port... Is there any way around this? (Either by some software mod, using a display port to HDMI cable, or something else?). If not do you guys know of any equivalent TVs that have display port input? I am now considering a Vega 64 instead but it does not seems to have great performance when compared to the GTX cards especially on titles like project cars 2. Thanks!

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afaik Nvidia doesnt do Freesync over HDMI. unshure about adapters (probably no bueno). you either have to aim for a large 4k monitor or AMD card. which in the hiher performance bracket is either vega 64 and Radeon 7. 

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