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21:9 display help

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm looking at a 21:9 display online and its a 29 inch 2560x1080 display but I don't know what the height will be and thats what i'm worried about. I would like a really wide display for gaming and movie watching but i dont want to buy it and be like what the hell the height is so small.



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The height will always look shorter because it's elongated and stuck at 21:9 and not 21:9+.

I would really like to see a 21:10. I am that weird guy.

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The height should be fine, all the 29"  panels are the same size-wise.

 This are some overviews/ unboxings from Newegg featuring 29" monitors Newegg TV: AOC 29"   Newegg TV: LG 29EA93-P 29" 21:9  ASUS Designo Series 29" NEC Display Solutions 29"

Awesomesaucenews (kyle) 's review PC Gaming on a 21:9 LG Monitor 

Basically, the monitors are amazing, the form factor is too, but there is not that much game support ,many games will have its sides cropped, and black will fill the empty space :/ 

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why wouldn't you get an Asus or LG or NEC for that price?

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