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[GUIDE] Delay Corsair Utility Engine so RGB mouse/keyboard setting override MSI MysticLight

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I know this is a very specific problem, and not sure how many people have it, but I use MSI MysticLight to control the LEDs on my GPU since no other application seems to let me control the MSI badge on the backplate on my QuickSilver 1070. To add to that, the MSI MysticLight application does not play well with my Corsair RGB Strafe keyboard. The RGB settings never seem to stick in MysticLight, there's no way to disabled the settings for just the keyboard, and on startup when MSI MysticLight loads it will override my RGB settings in Corsair Utility Engine and turn all the LEDs off on my keyboard. The only way to resolve this was to close the Corsair Engine Utility and reload it. This tutorial will show you how to delay the Corsair application from loading so it loads after MSI MysticLight and takes care of the issue. This tutorial is for Windows only.


1. Open Corsair Utility Engine, navigate to settings, and uncheck "Start on system startup"



2. Open "Task Scheduler" and navigate to the "Create Task" option



3. Name the task whatever you want, choose "Run only when user is logged on, and choose the version of Windows you are configuring it for.



4. After you have these set go to the the "Triggers" tab, select new, and choose to trigger this task at the logon of any user with a 30 second delay. Click OK when finished



5. Next navigate to the "Actions" tab, select new, and you will want to choose "Start a program" as the action. Set the program/script to:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\Corsair Utility Engine\CUE.exe"


Once this is set click OK to finish.




You're done! Your Corsair Utility Engine will now load with a 30 second delay, load after MSI MysticLight, and MysticLight will no longer override your keyboard mouse settings.




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