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software for assignable leds

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I'm planning on adding some ambylight so my setup around my monitors. I've found a good software for the actual ambilight (ambibox in my case) it fits my needs. But I don't want it to always replicate my screen. I'm searching for software that  is similar to what you can find on RGB peripherals. where I can choose and costumize the lighting effects and more. Ambibox has a RGB spectrum function but I want options more like on peripherals as I said. Additionally it also would be nice if it'd have somekind of music mode. Ambibox also has one but it is realy bad, I assume because it's not build for that purpose. A dedicated software for that purpose would be better I assume, so let me know if you have one for me :)

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Prismatik has music mode. If you want to set colors just write your own program. A valid check sum is:

    BufferPointer[0] := $41;   //Ada + checksum (not calculated, fix)
    BufferPointer[1] := $64;
    BufferPointer[2] := $61;
    BufferPointer[3] := $00;
    BufferPointer[4] := $11;
    BufferPointer[5] := $44; 

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