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1440p Monitor Suggestions

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I currently have a 144Hz 1080p 27" monitor, and it's fine.  My Vega 56 and 1700x have no problem pushing pretty much any game I play to 100ish FPS.  I had planned on buying a Radeon VII card, but decided not to after reviews and the fact that they are sold out. haha.  (I know it wouldn't make ideal sense to buy that card for 1080p monitor, so of course I had planned on upgrading my monitor anyway, the release time and budgeted funds just dictated the RVII would be purchased first.)  With me missing out on the RVII, that leaves a bit of cash set aside for a monitor. 


Here's the basics of my system:

*1700x - OC'd to 3.9Ghz

*Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 56 (As implied, I will probably be upgrading my GPU to something the level of the RVII or 2080)

*16 Gigs RAM 

*I play a variety of games, mostly RPG and Stealth style first or third person games.  (Resident Evil 2, Tomb Raider, Witcher III, that kind of thing) 

*Current monitor is an MSI MAG27C - 27" Curved, 1ms response time, 144hz, 1080p, LED panel.


Here's what I'm hoping to find to fit a $400 (ish) budget.

*27" - 31" Panel - Curved or Straight

*1440p No need for ultra wide

*100+ Refresh rate: Obviously, higher the better

*Adaptive Sync: My current monitor is Freesync, I'd rather not pay the premium for G Sync.  If I do end up going for a 2080, I'd want the monitor to be FreeSync compatible with the 2080


As always, thank you very much in advance!



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