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1.0Gbps full duplex doesn't work

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I've got a problem, I truned off my pc and the 1.0Gbps full duplex doesn't work anymore only 100Mbps works 

Do you know a way to fix it?



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Sounds like a damaged cable somewhere. Any cuts or damage to the cable you can see?

Current Build Log:


Original Build:


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Like Lurick said inspect the cable.


You can also try any of the following:

Unplug the cable and plug it back in.

Restart your computer.

Check the driver. This could be a bug. Is the manufacturer driver installed?

Disable and re-enable the interface in Windows.

If none of that helps. Try inspecting your switch. Check the duplex. Restart it.


You can also try another known good cable.

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is your computer off when you get the 100mbps? I know some equipment defaults to 100mbps according to the router

if it is on check your cable, all 4 pairs need to be in use

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