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GPU Lifespan

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I recently invested in a GTX 1080 Ti, and as far as performance goes, it handles almost all 3D applications with ease.

Considering pascal brought a giant VRAM increase to the table, and the fact that the card has 11GB of VRAM and 3584 cuda cores, how long should this card last? I'm super anal about future-proofing and am only playing at 1080p/144Hz, I don't plan on investing in a 2K/4K monitor anytime soon.




i7-7700k | GTX 1080 Ti | 32GB 3100MHz | Prime Z270-AR


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If the last few years are reflected in future then I would say at least 3 years. Potentially 6, I used my R9 290 for that long and had no problems except at 4K. The only card that's noticeably faster than the 1080 Ti is the 2080 Ti. At the moment there will not be any new cards faster until 2020 and maybe not until early 2021 as Nvidia is yet to launch the 1660 and such so I imagine you won't get an opportunity to replace it for a least 2 years.


If you are only doing 1080p then I don't see any need to worry as much about VRAM although maintaining 144hz in a few years might not be possible you will still have a good experience.

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well... it will last for some time

you can't predict if the gpu will perform good in some years, because new Game engines will shop up and over years these Game engines will be more demanding and less optimized  for older cards
i think with your 1080ti you will play games at 1440p/4k at med-high settings for 3-4 years

5-6 years (1080p med settings)
the 780Ti launched almost 6 years ago and it still plays all the games in med-high settings 1080p


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Technological advancement isn't linear.


Sometimes it stagnates (2016-today) and sometimes it leaps (Maxwell -> Pascal).


I'd say as long as you are okay with continually lowering settings as needed, you can hang onto that 1080 ti for at least 5 years.


I plan on using my Vega 64 for at least 3 more years. As of now, I get mostly high refresh 1080p gaming, but i think within 3-4 years, it will still handle 1080p 60fps medium.

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Depends on what you mean by last. Can’t say without a scenario. 

Main RIg Corsair Air 540, I7 8700k, ASUS ROG Strix Z370-H, G.Skill TridentZ 16GB, EVGA 1080TI SC Black, EVGA 850 GQ, Acer xG270HU 2560x1440@144hz


Spare RIg Corsair Air 540, I7 4770K, Asus Maximus VI Extreme, G.Skill Ares 32Gb, EVGA 1080sc & 1060 SSC, Corsair CX850M, Acer KG251Q 1920x1080@240hz 


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