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CPU TEMPS maxed at 72 degrees celcius help?

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Just built this setup, has a i5-9600k, ernermax cpu cooler, with 6 case fans everything is at stock speeds and the cpu is stock 3.7ghz I ran IntelBurnTest and I put to Very High load and it maxed out at 72 degrees and took 42 seconds to complete 1 run, I know the 9600k is more of a strict gaming cpu but I was just wondering if those were good temps... I run about 50 degrees celcius on witcher 3 1080p all Ultra 130+fps, my idle temps are 29 - 34 degrees Celcius

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Under synthetic load you cpu shouldnt hit 90C or even 100C. So your temps are totally fine and no reason to worrie

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72c under IntelBurnTest is really good actually...

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