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Call to undefined function curl_init();

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Hi, I have got this working on my local machine, but tried to upload this to my vps and I am getting the error in the title. I am running laravel and artisan. I was advised to uncomment ;extension=curl in php.ini, but then artisan gave me a warning saying module 'curl' already loaded. The solution for that online was to comment ;extension=curl in php.ini, so I am back in a circle. Someone help me pls.

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I don’t know much php, but it sounds like either


the name is taken




you already called for it once, so it might be a redundant call

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This error usually means that the module isn't installed/loaded. Now are you still getting that error with the warning when you uncomment the line?

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In a file (either an existing one, or a new php file that will be served in the same way as your existing ones), add


About quarter of the way down the page, depending on various factors, you should have a section titled curl, looking a bit like this:


Is that section there, and what's the cURL information if it is?

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