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Smash Bros on Switch | How Needed is the Gamecube Controller?

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So, As someone who would like to play smash on my Switch, I have probs played smash on Game cube a handful of times when I would go over to a friends house. But never got good at it, With the combos and everything like that.


But was wondering if its still good with just the standard switch game switch things... With the game being 80$ Canadian + a 45$ controller comes to around $140 not really wanting to spend that much!  

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Control methods, especially when they are as similar as the gamecube controller vs joycons, basically come entirely down to personal preference. Whatever is most comfortable for you to use is probably what you're going to do the best with.





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Joycons are completely fine for me.

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Completely up to you. Just like KB/M and controller, it's up to you and your muscle memory. 

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The Joycon combo is alright, but I personally much prefer a GameCube controller. But I already had the adapter from my Wii U and have a ton of GameCube controllers around so it was a no brainer for me to use the GC controller.

Not sure if I would recommend everyone go out and purchase a GameCube controller. I would personally just try it out with the Joycon setup first and see how you like it.


I don't want to immediatly taint your opinion of the setup, but if you want to know here is my reasoning for liking the GameCube controller over the Joycons:


- I don't like the positioning of the right analog stick, it's just in an awkward positing and makes aerial and smash attacks awkward for myself to do

- The shoulder buttons are too near each other

- As far as I know, you can't light shield with the joycons

- I like the left joystick way more on the GameCube; way more precise (because there is a greater degree of movement), notches so you can reliably do some angles (for Fox' Firefox for example) more comfortable to myself


Advantage of the joycons is that you can more easily play with them in handheld mode (playing with a GameCube controller in handheld mode, requires a type C to a adapter and the Gamecube adapter; not that convenient

The joycons are wireless and rechargable (only the former point can be addressed with a usually expensive Wavebird)


In short: I think it was worth it to play with; because I have years of experience with the GameCube controller and had some lying around (including a Wavebird which I usually use) which made it a much smaller investment. You should try out the default controllers are first.

Another thing I can mention is that the GameCube controllers works with other  games too, I believe all the ones that support a pro controller; just not all play as well as the Pro controller/joycon combo does.


I am personally gonna get a pro controller some time for these games, just because that looks like the full controller for the Switch; partially because it is so complete, partially because I'm a controller nerd.

It is damn expensive though!


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Tilt moves are far easier on the Gamecube controller though the Pro Controller works quite well too for general gameplay.  I personally cannot play very well using the joycons though they are usable and you can still have fun with the game.

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