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Can I FIX this $10,000 CPU??

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can I WATCH this VIDEO in 1080p??

I WILL find your ITX build thread, and I WILL recommend the SIlverstone Sugo SG13B


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EVGA G3 threadSeasonic Focus threadUserbenchmark (Et al.) is trash explained, PSU misconceptions, protections explainedgroup reg is bad

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Hmm, the video is only at 360p ATM, will it be able to watch it at 2160p?

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Go a step further, since these Xeons are multiple substrates… get a Xeon Bronze, cheapest XCC and transplant the Platinum's primary on the XCC's secondary.

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I don't think he actually need to change the whole cpu, in this cpu there is two separate layer of pcb with solder between them, just check the last video from der8auer showing the deliding of an W-3175X and you will understand

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25 minutes ago, AndrewCC said:

When are dbrand gonna come out with a case/skin for Xeons? Linus clearly is in dire need of one.

It's a good thing he's not very tall, then even more things would break from being dropped.


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Who packaged that motherboard without a socket cover... That's just asking for something to go wrong.

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Expensive lessons in carelessness. Somebody has to cough up that $10,000 and it ain't gonna be Intel after they gave you TWO FOR FREE. Be happy that they are still on talking terms with you, because if you keep dropping shit and expecting handouts they may just as unceremoniously DROP YOU and at that point it's business over.


Also, you cannot be certain the damage to the chip is just a memory controller, since it may lead to other problems later on with actual use. I have had chips hit TjMAX that then fried a memory channel, which in turn screwed up RAM sticks that would operate fine at stock, but not run at XMP. And that was after a motherboard swap to rule that piece out.

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I'll just look on the bright side.

I left a comment on YouTube with a strategy you can try.

Make sure the edge is ruler flat as well, no globs of glue sticking out bottom side that touch any plastics of the socket.

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Der8auer had a lot of problems getting all 6 memory channels on his 28 core Xeon to work, even without dropping it. I think he said he mounted it like 10 times and eventually just went with 4 channels.


Perhaps the CPU is fine, and you're just having that problem?

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Could be.

Difference is that Linus is having consistent results, whereas Der8auer got different results (number of channels) every time.

Another possibility is failing RAM, happened to my server once. That would mean he picked the dead DIMM to install in the first board, which is only a 1/12th chance. Or 1/6th if 2DIMMs are dead (he mentioned 327GB, which is 32GBx10 equivalent). CPU has 6 channels so 1 or 2 dead dimms is possible. But only if he didn't use that exact RAM for the followup video for 6 editors, 1PC. In that case, RAM is all good (because it was OK in that video, which seems to be shot later, because the Tayun board is used in that build).




I searched for the mainboard he uses first in the video, I can't read the box unfortunately. It does look like the Asus Z11PA-U12/10G-2S.

Manual indeed states memory configuration for 1 DIMM in slot A1 is a valid configuration.

Q-code unfortunately is unreadable. Beep code I reverse engineered to: "No Memory detected" by Asus standards.

That means that there is a problem with the very first memory channel.

Linus then proceeds to use the 'black memory slot' but, being different than slot A1, and still using a single DIMM, every other configuration than A1 is in fact invalid (see manual). If the physical memory slot A1 was broken, D1 could have been tried because that connects to channel A although still an invalid configuration by the manual, it is the most likely to work. However I already concluded memory channel A has a problem, so using D1 would have stated the same error with this CPU.


This is why the Dual socket board actually booted: for a board to boot, channel A has to at least be occupied. This was not the case with the broken CPU, but with the good one. The board must be engineered to boot with one of the CPU's at least having memory channel A occupied.



Board 1 (the single socket Asus) is still OK.

RAM channel A of CPU is not connecting to motherboard.


The comment I posted on YouTube:


I had a similar problem once with LGA775. Here's a non-intrusive way to solve it. Get this comment to top so Linus can see please. Get that blue dye you used on that CNC router or bending machine, 'paint' the pads in the damaged area of the CPU. Install CPU and take it out again. If the dye on the pads is not scratched away by the pins, identify the pins NOT marked with blue dye in the socket and bend them upwards ever so slightly. Remove dye with alcohol and non looped microfiber cloth (otherwise you could accidentally pull the pins when wiping). Install CPU and profit. Send me a check of $10.000 :') just kidding. Also please don't try to bend the CPU itself enymore because metal fatigue can cause problems on that multi-layer pcb. Please let the one with surgeon-steady hands do the bending. Happy days.


I found the actual socket LGA3647 part on Mouser, it is rated for 30 re-seatings.


I would try bending the pins on the Asus board. As soon as it boots, it should be OK for all memory channels because A is giving problems.

After succes on the Asus board, replicate the bends for the Tayun board.


If there still is no succes, I still have some other ideas to make it work.

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Question: why are you building this 6-editors-1-CPU (6E1C) machine in the first place? Is this just a "to prove it can be done" thing? Because I don't see the practical value in it. I mean, if you just built 6 identical workstations you'd have just over $16,500 per machine if we're sticking to the $100,000 figure. Would't that work out to better performance per user? Plus, you get redundancy in case anything goes wrong. If one machine goes down, you still have 5 workstations. If the 6E1C goes down, you have zero workstations. Hell, build 7 $14,250 machines and you have one on standby in case of a failure.

 If it's just a "because we can!" then go nuts, because clearly you already have. But if there's a reason beyond "because we can"... explain it to me. Anyone. Please.



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2 hours ago, YellowJersey said:

 If it's just a "because we can!" then go nuts, because clearly you already have. But if there's a reason beyond "because we can"... explain it to me. Anyone. Please.




I'd say it's a mix of because they can and also because 6 workstations take up a hell of a lot more space than one singular workstation. It's for their LAN centre.

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4 hours ago, YellowJersey said:

Plus, you get redundancy in case anything goes wrong. If one machine goes down, you still have 5 workstations. If the 6E1C goes down, you have zero workstations

That's the thing I was thinking already when they started the project. Seems kind of risky to put all of your eggs in one basket. It's a cool project, I'll grant them that, but even going with just two servers would've allowed some people to continue working normally if the other server went down.

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15 hours ago, Chaftalie said:

Is only LTT having this problem lately?

Thats the third video with this problem in the last one to two weeks ^^

It has to do with YouTube processing. They aren't the only ones.

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Can anyone tell me, which kind of monitor he's using at 3:42 ?

It's a LG as far as I can tell, but anyone knows the specific type?

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19 hours ago, wANKER said:



Just saved you 10 minutes

I would say that saves more than 10 minutes.

If you see a clickbait video, almost always the answer is no... Don't know why but it just is.

If you want my attention, quote meh! D: or just stick an @samcool55 in your post :3

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