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Second monitor doesn't feel "60hz"

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I just setup my second monitor (Acer R420HY bidx), and whenever I switch to it, it doesn't really feel like its 60hz. 


My main monitor is a 144hz G-sync so I know it would feel more sluggish, but the second monitor feels like sometimes 30hz on the Desktop, especially when I'm scrolling in a web browser.


I checked my Nvidia control panel and Windows dispay options and ensured it was set to 60hz. Is there anyway I can check the current Hz its running under? I tried the blur busters website but that stupid site never works, keeps giving me sync errors.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
20 minutes ago, emosun said:

run a 60fps video on it

Thanks I didn't even think of that lol. So I ran a 60fps video and it looks smooth, like 60fps. Someimtes I feel like it dips down, idk if its the monitor not being able to hold 60fps or just the video. But it is definitely 60fps, maybe it's just normal. The only thing is that when I scroll in a we browser, just feels sluggish like 30hz.

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