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Budget Not-So-Gamer-ee keyboard?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

so i need a new key board, this wireless membrane keyboard doesn't work very well at all, much less for gaming. i'd like to spend less than $40 usd and and have cherry mx Red/speed switches, i don't care about rgb, especially if its just breathing..


whats the best option? my friend recommended the Redragon k552, but I've had a bad experience with redragon, and especially with redragons mice   

Thank you!

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Posted · Original PosterOP
3 hours ago, Dissitesuxba11s said:

That budget is a limiting factor. The only keyboard that I've seen that's not the K552 is this Gigabyte keyboard but unfortunately it's not on sale right now.

hmm.. ok, i guess ill look around for a bit then

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$40 ain't gonna get you genuine Cherry switches, friend. Try to save a bit more to maybe about $100.

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