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New PC, storing data

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So I have a 2TB HDD which has about 30gb of space left. I need to transfer all my steam library to my new drive but the current drive struggles to reach 20MB/s and will take forever. is there a better way to transfer saves and reinstall the games? as games are, there are saves in all different locations and itll be to tedious to find data, transfer save, install game, test save, delete original save from old HDD.



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Not all saved games are synced through steam's cloud save.


C:\Users\<user>\Documents\My Games

is usually the most common place they're stored.


Here's a link to Stack Exchange that will show you how you can see if a game supports cloud save.

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What is your new drive? 


Do you need that many games? 


If you can use both drives then just move using Steam as you can change the installed drive in properties.

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