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NCP color settings sometimes not applying after reboot/shutdown

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have my own custom color settings set in Nvidia control panel but randomly when I restart/shutdown my computer, the color settings will reset. Sometimes they apply but other times they don't. I have to open up NCP and select the "Use Nvidia settings" again under "Adjust desktop color settings."


It didn't use to do this before, it just started happening a few weeks ago. I've pretty much tried everything I could think of, such as going into color management and making sure my settings are correct there by following this guide (https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/7k8vxh/how_to_fix_nvida_control_panel_colors_resetting/)  


I also went into Task Scheduler and tried disabling "Calibration Loader" and the triggers under "WindowsColorSystem" by following this guide 



Furthermore, I made sure that my Fast Startup option in Power Options is turned off and my color range in the Nvidia control panel is set to Full.


I also updated my GTX 1080Ti drivers to the latest version and still getting the same issue, it still just randomly resets the color settings to default, making my screen bright and washed out. I'm running out of solutions and was wondering if anyone has suggestions or is also experiencing the same issue. I'm on Windows build 1809 by the way.



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