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Artur Moraal

Xbox One Passthrough

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, for people who want to record their gameplay for example, they have to buy a capture card (which is very expensive btw)because software solutions are often limited duration and/or have a watermark and they drop your framerate when you use them when gaming (especially on lower-end systems). I have an Xbox One and it has HDMI passthrough so I was wondering if there is some kind of software for the xbox to record my gameplay while connected to the pc and a monitor with HDMI. That would be great because I wouldn't have to buy a seperate capture card for recording my gameplay. Is there maybe some application for that or just an option???

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It's unlikely, assuming you want to use your Xbox to record your PC. OneGuide (the pass-through app) disables Xbox's recording features. If you have two PCs at your disposal, you can pass-through the game from your gaming PC to your Xbox, stream that to the other PC using the Xbox app, and then record it with something like OBS.

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Using Xbox for encoding would be probably worse than using your PC for it. I also doubt that passthrough would work for it. Since its purpose is to pass signal through. You would need video input for using device as recorder.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, that is an option. Just one problem. I have another 4 laptops available but none of them has windows 10. They all have windows 7. So can I install the xbox app on windows 7?

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