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Should I reinstall Windows after changing the motherboard??

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello guys I've changed the motherboard passing from a B350 to a X370, both from Asus, now it is better to make a fresh installation of windows 10 or could I avoid to reinstall it??

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I'm a fan of reinstalling windows when changing motherboards since I tend to break some things in my Windows installs, but there is absolutely no necessity behind it. You can run on the same Windows install across however many hardware changes you want now.





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Try not to. Usually if you have issues it will be the registry, something that you can't do anything about it.

Then format and reinstall.

I would reinstall.

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I would simply "Reset" Windows from the Recovery section if anything. I reinstalled Windows on one of my builds after changing the motherboard and cpu, and the process to have Windows reactivated was ridiculous. On the phone with a couple tech's for two hours before they eventually issued a new Key.

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I would do a fresh install because it is best practice. There are likely drivers that differ between the new motherboards and the easiest way to limit any conflicting drivers is to just do a fresh install. 

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In my opinion, yes. It's good practice if you change to a different MOBO. I had this issue on hand and forgot to reinstall and ran into some compatibility issues before fixing it with a clean boi install.

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Do not reinstall Windows, it's waste of time. System will work the same good as "new" (because it will be basically the same).

Windows do not use drivers for non-existing hardware. In rare case of any conflict (I never had one, but who knows) - you can use tools like Ghostbuster.


That "good practice" is not so good - people use it "just in case" becasue "SOMETHING wrongt MAY happen" etc. It's like someone ask you to drive faster on fast route and you're answering "no, better not to do that, I always drive 50km/h and it's best practice to drive always the same speed". No, it's not. It's lack of any practice. :)


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First of all run your PC with same windows installed if you see some problem with your PC, then don't waste your time in fixing them and install fresh windows

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