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Trump bans transgender in military.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

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10 minutes ago, Noctus said:

Just wtf is going on over there guys? 

Why would the president want to give a group with an alarming suicide rate jobs where long term access to guns is a requisite?

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1 minute ago, Drak3 said:

Why would the president want to give a group with an alarming suicide rate jobs where long term access to guns is a requisite?

Not to mention the fact that transgenders would also join the military to have the government pay for their reassignment surgery then desert or leave soon after for some other reason.


Or the fact that the current state of Transgender society in america deems a mental health disorder as a basic prerequisite for being transgender.


Or one of about 4-5 other reasons.


Disclaimer: Im not bashing trans people nor am I stating a political side. Simply stating facts you could find yourself with 10 minutes of googling.

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Yeah, this was not going to end well.

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