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Samsung Galaxy S6 Hissing Noise (New, 2019)

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Hello all. Just have a question, so as to make sure my phone won't explode and burn down the house. I dropped my Samsung S6 into the water. It was fully submerged for about three seconds or so. However, it was wearing an Otterbox case, albeit NOT the fully sealed waterproof one, but the covers were closed at the very least. Anyways, I promptly shut off the phone and dried it as best i could. There didnt seem to be any water on the inside, so i turned the phone back on (I think that this was my mistake.) When i did, the phone promptly shut off again, and indicated that there was no charge. A quick google search later, and my phone was now in a bowl of rice.

It's been five hours, and i just went to check on it when i noticed a faint hissing sound coming from the device. Worried that it might be the battery, i turn to you, the masterful tech ninja's of the LTT forums.

Please Help!

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Probrably is something to do with either the speaker or the camera. My S6 back in the day made a weird whine with the camera 

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