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can't mount stock fan (am I an idiot)

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You have to unscrew the AM3 mounting brackets, which are the black ones right next to the CPU socket. You have to keep the back plate that it is attached to has to stay in place to then put the cooler into.

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As per my sig. Download the manual for your motherboard and see how you go.

If you're interested in a product please download and read the manual first.

Don't forget to tag or reply if you want me to know you've answered or have another question.

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We need pics of the actual problem for give further instructions.

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You're not an idiot lol i thought the same thing building my first computer with AM4 .. all reviewers I watched had already taken the plastic mounts off. There's 2 plastic "T" shaped do-hickeys that are held on the board by 2 screws each. Remove the 4 screws and 2 mounts and that's where the wraith cooler will mount, in those same holes

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