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Why did you buy an Android phone?

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1 hour ago, kokakolia said:

Calling iOS crap is just so shortsighted. Have you ever used a cheap Chinese Android phone with a half-baked Android ROM? iOS is consistent, iOS works really well most of the time. You just can’t say that about most Android phones under $200. 

I can't download a video from the webrowser and then share it with friends with my favorite social media app so it is useless.


Not to mention it can't torrent when I need it to because my computer is down.


Not to mention it can't be used as a wifi extender when I need it to because my laptop wifi range is crap.


Not to mention I can't install an alternative appstore like Amazon appstore like I could on Android.


Not to mentioned Firefox, my favorite mobile web browser can't installed web extensions on iOS unlike Android because apple forced all mobile browser developers to use its safari web engine and sdk.


Not to mention I can't plug in an USB drivers with an adaptor and moved files from USB to phone and vice versa on ios.


Not to mentioned I can't theme the appearence.


Not to mention I can't get rid of the annoying system and app advertisements.


Not to mention no file manager and all the so called files managers on apple appstore can't even access common system storage so basically useless. 


Not to mention moving files from one app to another like moving files from a word document into my mega drive app for backup involves redunctly copy and paste files from an apps sandboxes inner storage to another and God forbids if the file is large, the phone locks itself, and kills all the progress.


Not to mention the app store interface is ugly as hell.


Not to mentioned the price you need to pay just for crap file managers (or any other apps for that matter) that barely work


The list goes on and on.... 


How capable is iOS really? You get what you pay for on Android. You pay for $1000 Android phone, you get amazing stuffs, you get a low end one, it is poor performing but still functional considering price points. I was gifted iPhone X by my parents on my 20th birthday. Omg, so many bugs in the first 2 months and it lacks many capabilities which impact my normal day to day usage of a smartphone. (E.g download and sharing stuffs)

Sudo make me a sandwich 

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Android is so much cheaper. I got a Sony xz1 for 230€(crazy Nordic sales taxes included). Only thing missing is ois for the camera. 

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When I bought an Android Phone, it was for the Openness of the OS/Ecosystem and the ability to customise the experience to what I wanted with different launchers. Also the amount of different hardware and the push of innovation which at the moment is outstripping Apple.


I have to admit, most Android flagships are just as good or better than iPhones, I just like iOS and the Apple Ecosystem. I did have a Samsung Galaxy S8 prior to an iPhone X and now I own a iPhone XS Max (I like big phones and I can not lie, you other nerds can't deny).


I currently own a Samsung Tablet running Android.

Main Machine:  27inch iMac 5k Retina (Mid 2017), Core i5-7600, 1TB Fusion Drive, 40GB DDR4-2400MHz, Radeon Pro 570 4GB, MacOS Mojave

Network Gear: Dell PowerEdge T110, TP Link Gigabit 24 Port Switch, Sky Router, Asus Wireless Access Point.

Mobile Machine:  13inch MacBook Air (2018 Retina), Core i5-8210Y, 128GB SDD, 8GB RAM, Mac OS Mojave

Other Tech: iPhone XS Max, Series 4 Apple Watch (LTE), AirPods, PS4, Nintendo Switch,PS3, Xbox 360, 20inch iMac G4, 30inch Apple HD Cinema Display

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On 1/21/2019 at 2:18 PM, James said:


*** We don't really want to hear from the iPhone owners here. We want to hear from current Android users


This discrimination didn't exist in the iPhone thread! Double standards...


I used to buy Android phones because they were cheaper. My first android was the Droid 2 Global. I wanted the Droid 2 but the guys at verizon feked up. Back in 2000 single digits, I've only had a flip phone with 12~ buttons. I wanted a phone with a touch screen & a slide out qwerty keyboard to text really quickly. The fact that it was a smartphone wasn't really important but a nice to have. Plus you could download music for free at the time.


I lost that phone in a backpack or something & found it several months after my second phone. The Galaxy Nexus or something. That phone was cool because it was the first with a new version of android, it had a long battery life & had other good specs I thought I needed but didn't. Like 32 Gigabytes of storage in 2011. It was between that and the iPhone 4S. I can't recall the deciding factor though. Maybe the at the time better camera megapixels. That phone literally burned out. I have no idea how to explain it other than it would discharge instead of charging & always smelled like burned popcorn. Then again I was always on it screen shooting memes & playing mmos to use the most of our unlimited data plan at the time. (When all providers were offering unlimited data to get you to switch.) My hands were numb all the time because I played internet games all the time just to use up unlimited data.

LTT Fan Fiction:


PC game list: 


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I've personally never been a fan of Apple. My brother being an apple snob made me dislike it even more. However, I did give iOS a fair shake but it always just felt bad to me. Using anything iOS, nothing ever made sense to me but Android, I took to like I had been using it for years when I got my first Android phone. It just did and still does make sense to me. Specifically Oxygen OS makes sense to me as I have a OnePlus 5 now, but I started with a Droid Razr M (Android 4.2 then 4.4).

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On 1/21/2019 at 1:18 PM, James said:

A few months ago we posted a thread asking iPhone owners to tell us why they chose to be iPhone owners:


The result of that was this video:


Now we're doing it for ANDROID!!!1

Please post your favorite Android things / Ways Android is just better than iOS/iPhone!


*** We don't really want to hear from the iPhone owners here. We want to hear from current Android users


Well first i like my device nice and fast *Cough cough Stunt apple pulled cough cough* two i can root it three i can download stuff from the internet and last but not lest 4 its cheaper and when  i like to spend more  have more fetures on my  phone when i choose like a headphone jack thats all for now 

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i bought specificly a moto G because

- for what you get they're dirt cheap

- they last long (both battery life and actual "mean time between replacements", these two are related because charge cycles)

- it offers great customizability and very little bloat. (although.. moto is going downhill on this one)

- android allows me to turn ALLL the things off.. i have kik on my phone for the 3 people that dont use any other form of communication (why.. -_- ) but you can bet any sort of background services of kik are disabled

- all the above means my year old phone still gets me trough a week of light use with 30-40% left.

- i've had an ipod touch 4th gen WAY long ago.. and to make a full-page rant short: i've had several instances of supposed "problems" that smelled a lot like they were implemented purposefully when considering timing and exact circumstances.

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I love being able to storage and organize my files, especially all MY PHOTOS easily when connecting my phone into a pc.

If I connect my android phone to my pc, i can easily see all my photos organized on different folders, for example, all my whatsapp images in a whatsapp folder, all my facebook images on a facebook folder, all my camera photos in a DCIM folder, so on, with windows explorer, without any other software.


I previously owned an iPhone, I dont have a Mac, and I really hated when all my Facebook, Whatsapp, Camera, etc, photos where stacked into one single folder. 

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