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Why did you buy an Android phone?

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Ability to customize almost everything, trying out new flavours, all those good stuff. I can even revive older phones that had crappy performance & battery life that were using their stock OS.

Ryzen 5 2400G @ 3.9GHz | Sapphire Nitro RX 470 4GB @ 1340MHz | GA-AB350N-Gaming WiFi | G.Skill RipjawsV Silver 2x8GB @ 2933MHz 14-14-14-15-34

Acer Chromebook C720 @ GalliumOS

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Hate Apples programs and enjoy how simple and easy it is to transfer and move files around on Android. Also nice that I can run APKs.

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My current Phone is a 2013 LG Nexus 5 (Android Marshmallow)

Why I got Android:

  • Easy to repair/upgrade/switch parts(I ended up swapping my battery out)
  • I like Android look
  • Micro/Mini USB (Cross brand stuff)
  • App drawer
  • Easter Eggs :)
  • Many options to chose from
  • Headphone jack (GODDAMMIT Apple why did you kill the headphone jack)

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I don't know what pride month it is in August...

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The only reason to buy an android phone is because it's really hard to find a WP anymore and you can't get a brand new iphone for less the $300

QuicK and DirtY. Read the CoC it's like a guide on how not to be moron.  Also I don't have an issue with the VS series.

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Using a Redmi 5 plus as my android phone 


—Great battery life for hotspot use -4000mah (Redmi 5+)

—Dual sim ( and both of them were physical sim) 

— has more micro usb cable than lightning cable even though I use an iPhone as my daily driver



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  • cheaper with more options / not locked to a slightly upgraded phone over the last every year
  • Soooooo many file management options, I love being able to move files between folders and storage devices.
  • more customizable options, the ios launcher feels too outdated with its apps spread out over multiple pages 
  • Cameras can compete even at lower prices even though some devices do use too much smoothing to compensate 
  • Already made the switch to usb-c (though it looks like apple is coming to its senses)
  • I feel like battery life is improving over Ios


  • Less secure
  • no ecosystem that it easily integrates with
  • Its literally impossible to make people with iphones listen to you.

The only reason I'm here is that I have homework that I don't want to do


PC  Specs   CPU: Intel Celeron N3060 |GPU: Intel HD graphics 400 |RAM2 gigs  |STORAGE16 gigs



It took me half an hour to find where to change my signature :(

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All of my Androids have been cheap and had features I wanted. That's pretty much the reason I bought them all. My phone is 18:9 and came with a speed charger and headphone jack, whereas my brother's iPhone X didn't come with a speed charger and he doesn't have the headphone jack. He paid a stupid amount of money to get a speed charger and he even told me "I can't wait to go back to Android".

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Current PC

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RAM: 8gb Patriot DDR3-1600mhz

Storage: Samsung 830 EVO 120gb, WD Blue 1tb 7200RPM 

PSU: SeaSonicM12II 620w (I wish I didn't buy this)

 Peripherals: Logitech G305//Corsair K55 RGB 

Displays: Asus MG248QR//Dell 1905FP


New PC (getting parts)

CPU: i7-8086k [✓]

Cooling: EVGA CLC 280 RGB [✓]

GPU: EVGA GTX 1070Ti 8gb FTW2 iCX [✓]


RAM: XPG SPEXTRIX X41 2666mhz (Grey) [✓]

 Storage: T-Force Delta 250gb, WD Blue 1tb 7200RPM [✓]

PSU: 650w+ and ranked well

Case: Fractal Design Meshify C White

Peripherals: Logitech G305//Corsair K55 RGB [✓]

Displays: Asus MG248QR//Dell 1905FP [✓]

Extra: Sky blue front panel, sky blue cable extensions [✓]



Phone: Huawei Mate 10 Lite (China steal my data???)

Dog: Irish Water Spaniel, Lucy, 9 years old (I didn't know what to write)

School Laptop: Acer Chromebook R11 ((less RAM than my phone)


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2 hours ago, DrMacintosh said:

It’s that last bit :P  iPhones have a folder for pics in file explorer. 

Oh yeah I remember now. We found that but it was constructed out of dozens of other folders in some weird fucking organization where we weren't able to find anything. 

Gaming HTPC:

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Well, my current lg g6 I actually got for free :P
But the last phone I bought was an lg ultimate 2, a $60 android phone. Literally all I needed was a phone that can text, GPS, process credit cards, call, and read emails. My current phone that is all I do, except also play pokemon go and sometimes browse the web.


Basically, I just need a phone that can do simple tasks. I have no use for any of the extra features a $800 iphone provides over a $100 android.


Also, I heard you can't even set your own ringtone on iphones???? Is that actually true?


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The reason I picked an Android phone such as my Asus Zenfone 2 is the amount of customization is has.

For example this phone has 11 types of scroll effects just for the home screen itself. Even the small thing can be customized, such as the calculator buttons, that can be switched from tiles to circles. 


The other reason is the ease of use and getting a the job done as quickly as possible. Let's say you want to backup your photos to your computer. With an Android phone, you can just plug it to your computer, it shows up as a USB storage drive, simply go to where your photos are, and just copy and paste that to where you backup your photos on your computer. Can't do that with a Apple iPhone as they require iTunes, just to do the same thing.

I can't remember on top of my head on the other grips I had with iphones. The thing with them is even the smallest of task, which takes seconds to complete on Android, will take hours as, you'll be on the internet, pulling your hair out, looking at site after site, for a solution to your problem.


One thing I don't like about Android is the lack of updates. My phone stuck on Android 6.0, (even for Android 6.0, I had to force install as Asus won't officially release it) where I can't get the latest Android OS 9.0, and I believe others like me, have phones with hardware that capable of even running the latest Android OS. The only minor difference in hardware between a old phone and new phone is the Soc, while rest is almost the same or slightly updated, such as storage and ram.

Because of this, I might switch to a iPhone and give it a shot one more time to see how it goes. Now some might argue, but Android is cheap, well they're aren't cheap as they used to be. Even budget Android phones are starting to get expensive.

Intel Xeon E5 1650 v3 @ 3.5GHz 6C:12T / CM212 Evo / Asus X99 Deluxe / 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 3000 Trident-Z / Samsung 850 Pro 256GB / Intel 335 240GB / WD Red 2 & 3TB / Antec 850w / RTX 2070 / Win10 Pro x64

HP Envy X360 15: Intel Core i5 8250U @ 1.6GHz 4C:8T / 8GB DDR4 / Intel UHD620 + Nvidia GeForce MX150 4GB / Intel 120GB SSD / Win10 Pro x64


HP Envy x360 BP series Intel 8th gen

AMD ThreadRipper 2!

5820K & 6800K 3-way SLI mobo support list


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Quite honestly, I rarely buy a smartphone, but when I do I always go for the most Stock Version possible and that allows me to customize it at will.

The only Apple product I owned was an iPhone 3GS because I could Jailbreak it and customize it with Cydia at will, that was almost 10 years ago.


Ever since I try to go after Smartphones that:

  • Stock Experience with the least bloat possible
  • Have the smallest Bezel possible and as much screen real estate possible
  • If possible, no Front Camera but a pretty good Rear Camera
  • Wireless Charging
  • Unlockable for low level customization and flexibility
  • Best Community support, including Open Source community
  • High Refresh rate displays instead of High Res
  • Expandable Storage or at least a lot of Storage at the time of purchase that justified not really needing the expandable option
  • Good Battery life, at least 48 hours (100% to 5%) with moderate use, 12-24 hours if you spend almost all day on it
  • Don't care about the headphone jack, haven't used one since my Phat PSP 3000, what I care about is good BT codecs that have low latency, so basically, having a smartphone with APTX support and if possible APTX LL support is a must nowadays, been using headphones with APTX and damn is it night and day to traditional BT
  • Affordable price or price that actually meets the expectation of the device, I don't give a shit about branding, give me the perfect product, the logo could literally be a steaming pile of shit, what I want is worthwhile features

Android phones fall under those requirements more often, specially because the Android ecosystem has a very competitive market where manufacturers keep pushing their boundaries while shoving prices down.

While Apple products also performing in the top of the line do have more leeway since they're kinda in their own marketspace with iOS competing only with themselves while jacking up pricing more and more with lack of innovation to justify it, it became a status symbol instead of tech to look forward to.


Unfortunately there has yet to be a smartphone with everything I desire, so I never end up paying $900 for the top of the line, and instead just go for cheaper options that kinda fill my desires, which currently is an Unlocked Essential Phone that I bought for $300 almost 2 years ago.

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1) I don't want to give money to Apple, a company I greatly dislike

2) Cheaper

3) As good/better performance

4) Better cameras

5) More open ecosystem

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It's really easy to choose to buy an Android phone since there isn't really any other popular mobile operating systems than Android and iOS.


Here is a few reasons why I prefer Android:


  • A lot more open. iOS is way too locked to me
  • File manager
  • A lot more ways to customize (launchers etc.)
  • App drawer
  • No iTunes kind of things
  • Cheaper devices
  • Headphone jack on some models
  • No ugly notch on some models
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Dual sim
  • USB-C on most newer models
  • Better multitasking
  • Larger battery on some models
  • Settings are easier to find
  • Stock Android looks a lot better than iOS
  • More phones to choose from
  • Phone are cheaper to repair
  • Custom roms
  • I can do whatever I want to do
  • Isn't made by Apple
  • Doesn't have Apple logo on the back

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PC 2: Intel Xeon X5677 @ 3.47GHz, HP 0B4Ch (X58), 12gb DDR3 1333MHz, Asus GeForce GTX 660 DC2, 240gb SSD, 1tb HDD

Laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad T440p, Intel Core i7-4800MQ, 8GB DDR3 1600MHz , NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M, 250GB Samsung SSD, 14" 1920x1080 IPS

Phone: Huawei Honor 9 64GB Watch: Motorola Moto 360 1st Gen.

General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

Some other PC's:


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HTPC: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.0GHz, HP DC7900SFF, 8gb DDR2 800MHz, Asus Radeon HD 6570, 4tb HDD

WinXP PC: Intel Core2 Duo E6300 @ 2.33GHz, Asus P5B, 2gb DDR2 667MHz, NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT, 32gb SSD and 80gb HDD

RetroPC: Intel Pentium 4 HT @ 3.0GHz, Gigabyte GA-8SGXLFS, 2gb DDR1, ATi Radeon 9800 Pro, 2x 40gb HDD

My first PC: Intel Celeron 333MHz, Diamond Micronics C400, 384mb RAM, Diamond Viper V550 (NVIDIA Riva TNT), 6gb and 8gb HDD

Server: 2x Intel Xeon E5420, Dell PowerEdge 2950, 32gb DDR2, ATI ES1000, 4x 146gb SAS

Dual Opteron PC: 2x AMD Opteron 2218, HP XW9400, 12gb DDR2, ATI Radeon 3650, 500gb HDD

Core2 Duo PC: Intel Core2 Duo E8400, HP DC7800, 4gb DDR2, NVIDIA Quadro FX1700, 1tb and 80gb HDD

Athlon XP PC: AMD Athlon XP 2400+, MSI something, 1,5gb DDR1, ATI Radeon 9200, 40gb HDD

Thinkpad: Intel Core2 Duo T7200, Lenovo Thinkpad T60, 4gb DDR2, ATI Mobility Radeon X1400, 1tb HDD

Pentium 3 PC: Intel Pentium 3 866MHz, Asus CUSL2-C, 512mb RAM, 3DFX VooDoo 3 2000 AGP

Laptop: Dell Latitude E6430, Intel Core i5-3210M, 6gb DDR3 1600MHz , Intel HD 4000, 250gb Samsung SSD 860 EVO, 1TB WD Blue HDD


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The Oneplus 3 in July 2016. In no particular order:


-reasonably sized (5,5") OLED screen

-reasonable amount of storage


-very fast charging

-headphone jack (this was before the Iphone 7, but still)



-decent camera on both sides of the phone

-isn't prone to inflection damage the same way the Iphone 6 and newer are

-have I mentioned the very fast charging?

-decent battery



Women. They are a complete mystery.

-Stephen Hawking


I think the hoomans put their builds here?

Why do you hoomans give your builds a name? Here's my build, which I shall call "Do as I Say, Not As I Do" (seriously, don't get this build)


Ryzen 1500X @3,925 GHz

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo + 2x ML120

MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic

2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 MHz CL15 (Micron B-die) @2933 MHz

Sapphire Radeon R9 280 Dual-X @1120 MHz / 1450 MHz

120GB 850 Evo

120GB Kingston SSD

500GB WD Blue

Cooler Master Elite 430

Seasonic Prime Titanium 650W

Logitech G710 with Kailh Box Jade

Logitech G502

HyperX Cloud

And my laptop, which I shall call "If It's Stupid But It Works" (It can actually play CS:GO at 50 FPS, and Civ V at 25 FPS)


Lenovo Thinkpad L460

Intel Core i3 6100U

4GB (probably) DDR4 2133 MHz

Intel HD Graphics 520 0.3-1.0 GHz

128GB Samsung MZ7LF128HCHP

Corsair M65 Pro RGB (worst mouse I've ever had)

Sennheiser CX 5.00G

And here would be where I would put a picture of my cat. But apparently, images are not allowed here. So take this instead (*ΦωΦ*)

Hello fellow night theme users

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For me, the fact that Apple is a gatekeeper for software on iOS is a complete no-starter.  It's like 'buying' a house that only lets your furnish it with what the house builder allows. Or a car that only drives places that the manufacturer approves of (a likely future with self driving cars).

That said, while I bought a phone with Android (TM), I'm not using mine with it, I'm using Lineage OS, because Android (TM) is spyware. If I had read up on Jolla before I committed, I probably would have bought a phone compatible with that instead.

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Honestly the biggest thing for me was price, I just cant afford to own an iphone, I cant afford to own a last gen or the gen before that of iphone. I had to bust my ass to buy my first phone last year which was a Honor 10 for £280. 


So my first smartphone was the Iphone 3GS but that was stolen and I got a Samsung galaxy S2, changed to a Galaxy S3 which was a hand-me-down from my brother, I then got my mums HTC one M8 and then the S6 edge she replaced that with. The battery life was what made me move to the Honor 10 mainly. I had what I needed as well, a decent screen, a nice body, headphone jack and was not crazy expensive.


For someone like me on a catastrophic wage thats all that matters at the moment, it does what I need it to at a nice price. Everyone I know thinks its an iphone though. 

cpu: intel i5 4670k @ 4.5ghz Ram: G skill ares 2x4gb 2166mhz cl10 Gpu: GTX 680 liquid cooled cpu cooler: Raijintek ereboss Mobo: gigabyte z87x ud5h psu: cm gx650 bronze Case: Zalman Z9 plus

Listen if you care.

Cpu: intel i7 4770k @ 4.2ghz Ram: G skill  ripjaws 2x4gb Gpu: nvidia gtx 970 cpu cooler: akasa venom voodoo Mobo: G1.Sniper Z6 Psu: XFX proseries 650w Case: Zalman H1

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15 hours ago, LordOTaco said:
  • For the S8+  headphone jack. 
  • As someone who has only ever had androids I found it simpler than iOS for the settings (i'm just used to it)
  • Easy to use file manager particularly important for moving photos and media over a direct USB connections from my phone to computer ( i know i cloud is a thing but you have to pay for extra space and need a internet connection)
  • Expandable memory for relatively cheap
  • Ability to install 3rd party apps with .apk files for some cool indie projects like this:  http://amadeusproject.weebly.com/


woW , someone is actually making it, very nice

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I had a Windows Phone... The WiFi on it was kind of broken/bad after I replaced the non-replaceable battery. Then I bought a OnePlus 5T and have been happy with it ever since.


I used to have an iPod Touch 4G and that thing's always been bad (battery, stability, smoothness, memory management), so there's that.


Oh yeah, it's CHEAP!


Of course, having a universal charger cable that isn't designed to break after 1 year is nice too...

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Complete freedom of whatever i want to do on the phone, also i hated the fact that when you bought a new iPhone within 2 days it felt like the old one.



My Rig - Intel I7-5820k@ 4ghz| Rampage V Extreme| 4x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4|RTX 2060 SUPER| Corsair 650D| Corsair HX750| 2TB Samsung 850 EVO| H100i| 3x SF-120's| 1x 240 cooler master Red LED Front intake


Everything I say defaults to include /s



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Better camera (at the time, and tbh I still think today as well). Pixel 2 XL.


The camera was really the only reason I went for the pixel, I was thinking of saving my money and getting an S8 (and putting something like LineageOS on it) or a OnePlus.

So far, given the quality of pictures, I have 0 regrets. Sure it was hella expensive, but it was so worth it.


Of course, there's also the fact that I've been with android my whole life (my first smartphone was an HTC Wildfire, and after that a Nexus 4) and I'm used to it's customization, ability to do whatever I want with it and a "normal" file system and file manager. Also the Google Play eco-system, I've amassed quite a collection of paid apps over the years.


There's also one thing on iPhones I absolutely hate, and it's the lack of a back-button at the bottom of the screen, basically forcing me to 2-hand it.

I like questing in RuneScape and think that Assassin's Creed 3 was a great game. I've got a Surface Book 2 15" yet I still proudly consider myself a PlayStation peasant. I have a Pixel 2 XL, and the camera on it is absolutely amazing. No regrets.

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As someone who's only ever used Android phones (although I did own an ipod touch 4 which ran iOS) I'm pretty attached to android. I've owned a Samsung Galaxy Ace, Motorola Moto G 1st Gen (When google owned Motorola), a Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 and now a Samsung Galaxy S8.


My reasons for buying android are:

  • Price - To this day I've never spent over £25 a month on a phone contract. My current phone (Galaxy S8) costs me £23 per month with 4 GB of mobile data. For that much data on an iPhone of the same age (iPhone 8 ) you're looking at over £35 per month so a significant cost saving.
  • Screens - This was less of an issue for me when I got my first 2 phones but by the time I got to the A5 and especially the S8, I could tell that I preferred Samsung's AMOLED panels to the LCDs used in iPhones and a lot of other Android phones. But the bottom line is that they gave me a choice. And I could have basically any size I like. With or without notch (I don't like it so the lack of notch on the S8 was a factor)
  • Expandable Storage - This is a major one. An SD card slot can be invaluable if you have a lot of music on your phone (which can happen easily if you download music with Spotify premium) or you take a lot of photos on your phone which with modern cameras can take up a lot of space.
  • More open - I can install apk files onto my phone easily without rooting it or anything.
  • A logically placed back button - This may seem minor but having a back button under my right thumb is so much more ergonomic than having to stretch or bring in another hand to press a back button in the top left. Especially when the vast majority of people are right handed.
  • Headphone Jack - No one can deny that when you're tired or in a hurry, it's a lot easier just to plug in a pair of headphones than have to go through the effort of dealing with the ever annoying bluetooth pairing process. Not to mention that older cars are more likely to have an aux input, and although it's now becoming a legacy standard. I find myself using it. Perhaps not as often as I used to now I have some good bluetooth headphones but when I need it I can't really do without it.
  • Fingerprint sensors - There was a time I couldn't have brought up this one but now that Apple have removed touchID from the current iPhones I can. It's a lot easier to pull my phone out my pocket and have it unlocked with a quick press on the back than have to wait till it's out and lined up with my face to unlock with facial recognition. I bring this up mainly cause the apple logo on the back of the iPhones should really be a fingerprint sensor.
  • Battery life - Surprised it took me this long to come up with this one but it's something I've noticed a lot recently. Now I use my phone a lot more than my girlfriend when we're out cause the S8 has a better camera than the iPhone 6S (not to mention the fact that it has more storage) but the one thing I've noticed most is that in a day when I leave WiFi, BT, mobile data and location on all day and she turns off all but location and WiFi, my phone loses charge at about a quarter of the rate hers does and we've both had our phones for about a year. She's also said she noticed the reduction in battery life when she moved to her iPhone from her previous Samsung.
  • File Manager - Being able to just drag and drop files from my computers to my phone without needing to deal with an intermediate like iTunes is just a lot more convenient. I can also use 2 in 1 USB sticks (My current one is Type A on one end and Type C on the other) to transfer files when I don't have a cable (which can happen a lot while this just lives on my keys) or just to watch movies directly from it.

I could probably go on and talk about customisation (ESPECIALLY NOT NEEDING A RANDOM CRAP FOLDER!!!) , camera, android auto (which I maintain looks better than apple carplay), Samsung's edge functionality, larger screens, more productive (and also entertainment friendly) aspect ratios without notches, the list goes on but I'll finish now since it's pretty clear I do have my reasons for buying Android. I invite any apple fans to question me on this though.

|| CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (@3.9GHz) || Motherboard: ASUS Prime B350 Plus || Cooler: Arctic Freezer 33 eSports Edition || GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 SC || Memory: 16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB C16 (@2933MHz) || SSD: SanDisk 128GB || HDD: WD Blue 2TB, Toshiba 2TB, Transcend 1TB || PSU: Corsair RM550x || Case: Fractal Design Focus G || Monitor: 2x AOC 23” I2369VM IPS Full HD || Mouse: SteelSeries Rival 100 || Keyboard: Cooler Master MK750 RGB (Cherry MX Brown) || Speakers: Dell Stereo Speakers || Headphones: Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT || Headset: SteelSeries Siberia 200 ||

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