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Why did you buy an Android phone?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

A few months ago we posted a thread asking iPhone owners to tell us why they chose to be iPhone owners:


The result of that was this video:


Now we're doing it for ANDROID!!!1

Please post your favorite Android things / Ways Android is just better than iOS/iPhone!


*** We don't really want to hear from the iPhone owners here. We want to hear from current Android users


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Isn't this for General Discussion? Where the iPhone thread was?


Anywho, pros:

  • far more customizable, launchers, skins, you name it
  • plug in a PC and drag'n'drop, no iTunes or equivalent program
  • proper File Mangement
  • much cheaper phones, and you can basically pick a phone that suits your needs in different price ranges, even if you want to go with a flagship
  • better community support in terms of custom ROMs. Literally many varieties of ROMS that I can choose from


To be clear, I could list lots of cons of android, but we're talking pros here. 

The ability to google properly is a skill of its own. 

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Because we like freedom 

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I bought my first Android phone because iPhone was locked to AT&T and I had Verizon.


I tried my first iPhone with the 5s, and while I was willing to go through hoops to not have iTunes installed on my computer (or rather, not installed on the OS install I use), I couldn't deal with the fact it showed up as a camera on my computer and so file sharing options were limited. I can deal with the lack of widgets (I rarely use them anyway) and the wonky home screen/app drawer hybrid, but I cannot deal with the fact I can't manipulate the files on the device easily. I also don't like that iOS doesn't have a universal back button.

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I was too cheap to get an iphone. I regret that decision every time I pick my up phone and try to launch something lol. (every android phone I owned had major slowdowns because of nand degrading and getting significantly slower over a period of 6 to 12 months)

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The two main reasons for me are:

  • Apps - Software for our 24/7 monitoring is only available on Android.
  • The customizability - I want to change the look of the OS as much as I like.
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I bought a Motorola phone from their website, then a refurbished HTC from eBay, then used the years that lasted me to get a Note 8 for $300 on my plan.

I WILL find your ITX build thread, and I WILL recommend the SIlverstone Sugo SG13B


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Draws 400 watts under max load, for reference.


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EVGA G3 thread, BR/BT threadSeasonic Focus thread, S12II/M12II thread, Userbenchmark (Et al.) is trash explained, PSU misconceptions

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  • For the S8+  headphone jack. 
  • As someone who has only ever had androids I found it simpler than iOS for the settings (i'm just used to it)
  • Easy to use file manager particularly important for moving photos and media over a direct USB connections from my phone to computer ( i know i cloud is a thing but you have to pay for extra space and need a internet connection)
  • Expandable memory for relatively cheap
  • Ability to install 3rd party apps with .apk files for some cool indie projects like this:  http://amadeusproject.weebly.com/


"Your next line is..."


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Mostly because cheap, as said above. I really don't want to spend more than 200 euros on a phone, which is near impossible with Apple (when talking new phones).

In the past I would have gone on about sideloading apps... Customization, etc. but that stuff does not interest me as much anymore. It's cool, but my phone really just is a messaging and internet-ing device.


I am also not an Apple user at all, so the advantage of the Apple devices working together is not relevant for me neither.

Plus where I live, WhatsApp is the main form of communication, so the advantage of iMessage (which I don't know exactly what advantages it has) is not there for me either.



Reading this thread I see some things that are definitely a plus for me, which I basically take for granted. Including, but not limited to:

- Headphone jack (I regularly charge my phone, while listening to music)

- Micro SD card slot (Can't believe Apple is still trying to separate their market with the markups on storage)

"those times will never come back :("

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Just now, Constantin said:

Because we like freedom 

Pretty much this.


And yes, there are cheap Android phones, that doesn't make Adroid "cheap." 


I chose the S9+ over the Iphone because, well, I like customizing my phones layout and button functions. I can literally do more from my home screen than I ever could using an Iphone. Plus Iphones are just overrated, IMO.


Android if you like freedom and enjoy customizing your phone with unlimited options.

Apple if you like to keep things simple and have your entire phone layout thought out for you.

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Because it's cheap and especially local branded ones in my region.

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Well it's the only option...

There are only 2 OS's for phones that have the apps i want and that gets regular updates.

Because i don't want to spend big dollarydoos on a phone, android phones are my only option if i want something new.


I have android basically because, what else am i suppose to get?

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8 minutes ago, Levent said:

I was too cheap to get an iphone. I regret that decision every time I pick my up phone and try to launch something lol.

Why do you regret this?


-an iPhone 6s user

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I own both Android for my phone, ios for my tablet.

For regular users, iphones are easier to use (so they say), but for me its pretty annoying.

How the app works in an encapsulated environment, where you cannot share files between apps.

You need a proprietary suite just to copy file inside the app (itunes).

For years, iphones have the luxury of the best tech, not now, even a cheap midrange android got the latest tech.

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Honestly, initially it was because it was the only option on Verizon when I first got a smartphone--the iPhone wasn't yet released for CDMA networks. I got used to android as a result (OG Droid Incredible), and generally prefer the UI and especially file manager / email attachment management.


I now have both android AND ios between work and home phones....and I don't have much to complain about. They both do phone things. I keep buying android phones for myself because A) back button B) headphone jack C) SD card. I don't like android phones becoming abandonware within a year (even flagships!) nor do I like their lackadaisical approach to security and privacy, nor how rapidly they deteriorate w/r/t battery, performance, and software bugs.....the day I can't buy a phone with a headphone jack at minimum is the day I say screw it and go ios full time. I definitely do prefer not having a locked ecosystem, but on the flip side, stuff just doesn't work half the time.


I don't customize phones, nor do I game on them, so that bonus of android is not relevant for me personally.

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As someone who uses both and Iphone and Android and switches between them, I use my Android when I want App's to fully integrate in o the system. Where as with Apple they are heavily separated from the system, Android I can change my Messenger app, the Camera app or even the web browser without making it feel like i'm using something in a sandbox 

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Open ecosystem => more space for innovation and competition (and bad products) => better cheaper product => happy

I also kinda prefer there to be several cool phones, not just the Iphone


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because I got an LG G4 to replace my dead HTC One M8 (which I thought was perfect) I started hating on every LG phone after owning this piece of shit. Overheats for days, performs like shit, didnt even get nougat update (officially but beta rom was dumped after a year) and UI is absolutely terrible never ever again getting an LG phone again.

@Billy Pilgrim

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I don't want to keep reiterating what everyone else is saying so I'll say something else. I like having a dedicated back and multi-task (not sure what it's called) button.


I currently have the Note 5 but before that, the only other smartphone that I've had was the Note 1. Before that were phones you don't classify as "smart."


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I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which runs Android partly because of all of it's features and all the cool things you can do with Android. It really opened up possibilities and allowed you to customize your phone and do weird things on it that you would never even think was possible. Although I own an iPhone right now (iPhone 7 Plus, working great), I still have a few Android phones and use them daily alongside my iPhone and I love both.


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