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Laptop Stutter and FPS Drop!

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Posted · Original PosterOP
So i recently bought the Asus X550IU, I mainly needed this Laptop for some gaming and use of photoshop. After I did some research the RX 460+ FX 9830P in this laptop would do the trick. I got the laptop and I installed a few games. Paladins which seemed to run fine in high settings with 60+ fps. However I installed fornite and this laptop should be able to run fornite on medium or more. I configured my own settings and I was getting 120fps BUT i would have frequent stutters. And it is really annoying. This also happens in League of Legends. I tried reinstalling my drivers, disabling GAME DVR and DxTracker. I am a Windows 10 Home.
I cannot find a fix and it is really irritating....  have even tried reinstalling drivers but dont seme to work. My HDD and SSD are fine and I even defragmenting them. CCleaner Helped my fps a bit but I think it still stutters. Sometimes I feel stutters while browsing which is really weird. 
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Posted · Original PosterOP

Bump after a CClean it seems to stutter less, League is now playable and only stutters for 0.1 sec when opening shop, however fornite still stutters but less now but enough to affect gameplay.

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