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Acer 27" ips hdr 4k g-sync 144hz without full local dimming

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP




Hey all, 



I'm considering getting a new monitor (may main monitor is an asus 27" QHD ips 60hz)


Context : I game, and I'm an amateur photographer, so I need proper color reproduction


I saw the 4k/quantum dots/hdr/144hz/ips displays with full array local dimming, like the predator 27x and the asus one (all with the same  panel apparently) but the price is too high for me, there are reports of blooming and  compatibility problems between windows 10 and hdr. 


But apparently there is a cheaper version of the Acer monitor : the nicely named "xv273kp bmiipphzx"


This one seems to be the same panel, but short of the local dimming and of the hdr 1000 certification (it has hdr400 instead...) I don't know if this one has the Fan that so many pple complained about. 


Anyway, it's way cheaper than the full fledged one (around 1200€ for g-sync, 1000€ for free sync version, so it would be more or less the same in $ I guess) 


I wonder if any of you have more info about this one, as apparently I can't find any proper reviews on the web, even though it is supposed to be hitting the market already




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Please forgive my poor English level (I'm French).

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