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My PC beeps 5 times on startup???

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Every time I turn on my computer it beeps 5 times on startup. It seems to be running normally so im not sure what the issue is. Any help would be gladly appreaciated :)



Windows 10

i7 6700

gtx 1060 


Gigabyte mobo (not sure of the model number)

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I looked on gigabyte's website really quick and it said if there are 5 short beeps it means a cpu error. I looked into another post that was having the same problem and they said they had the same problem but like you said the pc works fine. Looked a little more and suggestions were reseat the cpu or what might be easier and less painful: reseat your cpu cooler.

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PC  Specs   CPU: Intel Celeron N3060 |GPU: Intel HD graphics 400 |RAM2 gigs  |STORAGE16 gigs



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Mobo model number is printed on PCB if you don't have manual or box. You are gonna open case and reseat parts and cables anyway. If case has been moved, there's chance that some power cable is bit loose.

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